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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of


Privacy Policy is an online news portal that provides news and information about Bangladesh. This privacy policy applies to all personal information collected and stored by

Data collected may collect the following types of information:

Personal Information: Name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, gender, occupation, and other information that you can provide to

Technical Information: Information about your device and Internet connection, such as your IP address, device type, web browser type, and other information that provides information about your device and Internet connection.

The use of information may use your information for the following purposes:

When you provide information on the website or apps of, may use that information to fulfill your requests. For example, when you comment on an article, may use your name and email address to publish your comment.

  • may use your information to communicate with you about your requests, to collect your opinions or feedback, or to provide you with information about new products or services.
  • can use your usage information to make our website and apps more engaging and user-friendly.
  • may use your personal information to display advertisements that are related to your interests.


Sharing of information may share your information only in the following cases: cannot share your personal information without your consent.

Legal or Regulatory Requirements: may share your personal information to meet legal or regulatory requirements.

Change of ownership of In the event of a change of ownership of, the new owner will be entitled to your information.

 Access to and control of information

You can request access to and control of your personal data at You may also be asked to correct, delete, or stop collecting your personal information. To make a request, please contact us at [email address].

Privacy Policy Amendments may change this privacy policy at any time. The new policy will be posted on the website immediately. If the reader enters the website after the changes, he must assume that he has accepted them and will always comply. will not be responsible if the reader fails to read the policy for any reason. We urge our readers to review our policies from time to time. They will understand how we collect and use information and who we share it with.




Terms of use of the news portal is an online news portal that publishes Bangladeshi and international news. We welcome readers and visitors to's website, content, services, and applications to read the' Terms of Use." Readers can come to read our content in a variety of ways. Access to our content is possible through a variety of devices, including but not limited to computers, mobile phones, and PDAs. "We will assume that readers and visitors accept our" "Terms of Use" "by accessing our content services or by viewing or reading content, images, and information." At the same time, it will be assumed that they accept the 'Privacy Policy'. In case of any objections or comments, please send an email to: .

It is the prerogative of to accept or not accept the objection or statement of the reader. All readers of must comply with these 'Terms of Use'.

"Entering the website or using the application means that the customer or visitor is using the service of and agrees to accept the" "Terms of Use." "" These services include text, images, graphics, audio, video, software, etc.


The right to property's content, logo, rights, trademarks, patents, writings, images, graphics, domain names, audio, video, and other intellectual property related to and the brand and name are owned by and its licensors. Users may not claim any rights to the intellectual property of or its licensors for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. In addition, users will not be able to create anything new with the content of The authorities of may take legal action if there is a violation of copyright or intellectual property. In the event of a breach of copyright or intellectual property, you can send an email to .

 It's our service:

Readers and visitors are only required to use the site for lawful purposes or for the purpose of reading. does not permit the viewing or listening of audio-visual material on the website or application, except for this. encourages readers to share their content on social media. However, our content must be served unofficially on social or digital media and recognized as's content. Hacking our website is prohibited. It is also forbidden to bypass the security provisions of the content.

Our services can only be used for non-commercial purposes, whether the recipient is a commercial or non-commercial entity. Customers and readers of will have access to its services and resources, subject to certain regulatory restrictions, such as the fact that users can only use existing services for personal and non-commercial purposes. We may not use or sell any of our content for commercial purposes, but this does not apply to user-generated content served on Users are not allowed to use provocative or offensive language, images, or comments on the content of

Remove Content

The authorities of can remove any content from the website and application of at any time. Readers or customers cannot ignore the request of to remove content from the website. This may occur if or its services are withdrawn.

Prohibited and unauthorized use

The reader cannot associate with any political party, racism, sectarianism, or any sexist activity and cannot tarnish the image of the organization. Behavior such as defamation of or any person, harassment and persecution of people, contempt of court proceedings, etc. is prohibited. Unethical, offensive, and indecent comments or images cannot be uploaded. Similarly, personal attacks cannot be made by posting comments or pictures.

Protection of the user's device

In this case, users must ensure their own safety. will not be responsible for any damage to the device caused by viruses, malware, or any other such harmful attack. This may include Google ads, but it's not limited to that. Content not created by will be considered third-party content, even if it appears on the website of

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is an integral part of this policy. "All terms of the" "Privacy Policy" "are accepted as references, except where the terms are identical or similar."


The authority of the portal,, reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. These changes will be posted on the website. After that, when the customer uses the website, it will be assumed that he has entered the site by accepting the changes. The reader has to accept it. We urge readers to keep an eye on where, when, and what has changed.

The use of cookies does not collect cookie-based statistics on users. The user's personal information is not stored by It may also be the case that third parties may collect user cookies when a reader or visitor accesses the website, over which has no control. For that, readers should look at third-party websites carefully.

When a user registers with, personal information is collected to verify the authenticity of the same. However, does not share this information with third parties. This information may be used to provide necessary information to readers of or to send information about companies related to



You can contact readers for various events, campaigns, contests, surveys, and feedback by contacting them via email, phone, and SMS.

 The third party's liability

A part of the information that is served on is provided by third parties. They are not under the control of It is therefore not possible for to ensure the accuracy of their information. therefore advises you to verify the authenticity of the information before relying on the information provided by or third parties.

Modification policy

It is not uncommon for unintentional mistakes to remain despite all the precautions that we publish every day on the web portal of We apologize for any unintentional errors. It is our duty as media to correct the wrong information and inform the readers. Correct errors and correct them according to the correct rules. If there is a mistake, we correct it on our own initiative. But if the reader finds a mistake, they can let us know. We will check and correct it. Send us a message at .